Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Kitchen Knobs and Pulls--Christopher Peacock Style

Finally, I'm posting about the knobs and pulls Steve picked out for our kitchen.  We just love Christopher Peacock Kitchens and have tried to copy elements of his style in our new kitchen.

In some places we think we've done a pretty good job and not so much in others.

Steve ordered the pulls and knobs online and they took WEEKS to get here.  It was quite interesting opening the drawers and cabinets without knobs.
The pict  is the "china hutch."  We keep our everyday dishes (not china mind) here. The silverware is in the top drawer and some assorted bowls and serving pieces are in the lower drawers. It's great having a nice wide drawer for the silverware.  I can find things.

Articles and blogs I've read compare kitchen hardware (pulls, knobs and hinges) to jewerly.  Good hardware adds the finish and style, like jewerly can give the style to a great outfit.
I just love how the shiny chrome looks on the dark stained island.  It really adds the bling without going overboard.
This shot of the dishwasher pull shows the clean, simple detail. No patterns, no designs except for a small area around the knob.

We're finishing the kitchen slowly but surely.
Maybe pretty soon I'll be able to blog about how we put glass in the cabinet doors.