Saturday, August 27, 2011

Blog Tag Sale

It seems we all love Craigslist.  Some of you out there in Blogland find treasures on Craigslist all the time.
With it so popular--I thought I'd post a few things I want to clear out--you know those pieces that went better in the other house, or ones I'm just ready to pass on to the next guy or gal.

So here's what I've got:

Two Handmade oriental rugs
8X10 (approximately--you know oriental rugs are never exactly standard)
 100% wool. I bought these rugs from a good company here in Atlanta about 15 years ago. I wanted only one rug for the dining room, but brought both home to "try them out" and wound up keeping them. They were so nice, I couldn't decide.

Dog not included.

This rug is $250. It has one spot of damage near a corner.

Here you can see the fringe is part of the rug (warp and welf). It isn't sewn on like on a machine made rug.

This rug is also 8X10, handmade and 100% wool.
 It's in excellent condition the price on it is $450.
I'll sell both for $600.  

Queen upholstered headboard $50.
The fabric is Ralph Lauren--I don't remember the name.  We recovered this baby a few years back--it started out with Laura Ashley cabbage roses (my pink and blue period).  I'll throw in the bed frame.
What a steal!

 There's one rip in the corner--moving twice in one year was hard on my stuff.

see the rip here.

A set of 3 framed Hummingbird prints.
From Saddlebrook Gallery in Alpharetta.
$225 for the set of three.
(I paid $400 each. ouch.)

Two 2 drawer legal sized file cabinets with formica top.
These were in my office, but there's no room for them, so something's gotta give.
$25 for the pair--
--IF YOU ACT IN THE NEXT 35 MINUTES (lol)--I'll include as an internet bonus, a whole bunch of legal hanging files.

 And finally:

this table needs to be covered. The elements have been brutal on it and I don't want it to suffer.
I have it priced at $250--includes the two benches. It's 8 feet long.

 Craigslist outtakes:

If you're interested in any of the pieces, please email me and we'll arrange a time for you to have a look. I don't arrange shipping or delivery, so if you live far away, you'll need to take care of that.
Thanks for visiting:)


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Seaside Porch Inspiration

Recently I spent the morning on a self-guided walking tour of Seaside--what I mean is, I just wandered around and looked at the pretty houses.

And I happened upon the perfect porch.

It's a modern interpretation of a Southern Classic. It's wonderful on this new bungalow.

I took this shot of the ceiling to record the structure. If you're going to copy something you gotta have details.

What do you think of the porch railing design?

Sorry for the poor quality of this shot, but again I'm looking at the details:
Five--yes 5 French doors open on to this beauty.
Three square windows over the doors let in lots of natural light.
Double support columns with a single column above extent to the roof.
A ceiling fan on each end
The house is the color of grayed shingled seaside cottages.
The table and chairs are weathered teak and the swing might be as well. They're very hard to see.

Wouldn't it be heaven if this gem extended off the back of an old bungalow with a pool located about where the picket fence is here?

And leave it to Martha to show us how to decorate it with style.

source Martha Stewart


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Friday, August 19, 2011

Ikat Copy Cat

This has happened to me before.

Back in the last century, I made some drapes from this wonderful fabric. It was a perfect magnolia print with all the right colors and looked just marvelous in my living room.  That was during my red and green phase--not to be confused with my previous pink phase--but I digress.

This time I was putzing around in Forsyth Fabrics over on the Westside and happened upon the most perfectly amazing ikat that had all the right colors. You know the ones: beachy blue/green and sandy goldish browny beige. All on a just-the-thing linen.  Of course it was expensive for me, so I followed the advice of the pros and bought enough for accent pillows.

I got home and spread it out over the sofa--it matched my drapes, and gave the bit of color and balance the family room needed.


For the record: that was in April.
It is now August,

and I received the Ballard catalog and guess what?

Okay, so the colors are different...

There it is: second row from the top third sample over.  NEW!  Toscana Ikat Slate.
Then today I got the online Mitchell Gold+Bob Williams catalog and guess what?

Thank goodness the colors are different, but...

At first I was flattered that I had such good taste. HA!
But now I don't know. The more I see it...I just don't want it to be too common.

The last time this happened with my perfect magnolia print I was thoroughly disgusted.
I started seeing MY FABRIC everywhere. Finally, when I saw it at Pier One on the deeply discounted outdoor pillows I went home are started planning to redecorate.

I'm not ready to RE-decorate--I haven't even finished decorating yet.

At least this time around,  I'm not in so deep.


Thursday, August 18, 2011

Home Grown Tomato Love

Home Grown Tomato Love;
the recipe is simple,
it's a tomato sandwich without the bread.



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Monday, August 15, 2011

Signs of the Times

Signs, Signs, Everywhere a Sign.

The signs I'm talking about are nostalgic or witty and don't break your mind.
Lately I'm seeing lots of crafty signs in blogland.
Maybe it's just a decorating fad, but signs can convey our thoughts and opinions, remind us of our favorite places and sometimes just make us smile.

Here are a few I've come across:

Subway sign are all the rage. I think these are really good examples with a nice table to boot.

This one from Seaside, Florida. I definitely agree.

I like the way the artist used old wood from this Pinterest board.

At first I thought this was going to be serious, but it's in Key West.

As seen on the Garden Tour.

another from Pinterest-- wouldn't this one be perfect in a kid's garden at school?

This little beauty was nabbed over at Not so Shabby. I love it!

I'll end with some heavy inspiration.


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