Friday, August 19, 2011

Ikat Copy Cat

This has happened to me before.

Back in the last century, I made some drapes from this wonderful fabric. It was a perfect magnolia print with all the right colors and looked just marvelous in my living room.  That was during my red and green phase--not to be confused with my previous pink phase--but I digress.

This time I was putzing around in Forsyth Fabrics over on the Westside and happened upon the most perfectly amazing ikat that had all the right colors. You know the ones: beachy blue/green and sandy goldish browny beige. All on a just-the-thing linen.  Of course it was expensive for me, so I followed the advice of the pros and bought enough for accent pillows.

I got home and spread it out over the sofa--it matched my drapes, and gave the bit of color and balance the family room needed.


For the record: that was in April.
It is now August,

and I received the Ballard catalog and guess what?

Okay, so the colors are different...

There it is: second row from the top third sample over.  NEW!  Toscana Ikat Slate.
Then today I got the online Mitchell Gold+Bob Williams catalog and guess what?

Thank goodness the colors are different, but...

At first I was flattered that I had such good taste. HA!
But now I don't know. The more I see it...I just don't want it to be too common.

The last time this happened with my perfect magnolia print I was thoroughly disgusted.
I started seeing MY FABRIC everywhere. Finally, when I saw it at Pier One on the deeply discounted outdoor pillows I went home are started planning to redecorate.

I'm not ready to RE-decorate--I haven't even finished decorating yet.

At least this time around,  I'm not in so deep.