Saturday, November 12, 2011

Breaking Down a Great Kitchen

Now here's a kitchen that really speaks to me.  I like it so much I thought I'd share IT and some of the reasons I love it.

  • Vintage style and white(Christopher Peacock inspired)
  • Inset doors on the cabinets
  • Ceiling is covered in tongue and groove paneling painted semi gloss
  • Light fixtures don't all match, but they go together and there are several of them for plenty of light (I can't cook in the dark)
  • Upper cabinets have glass door fronts that make the space feel bigger.  I think I like this better than open shelves (less dust).

source: for the love of a house

  • Three windows over the sink come almost to the countertop
  • Natural Roman shades (bamboo?) break up the all white-ness.
  • Plants
  • Bridge faucet 
  • Undermount white porcelain apron sink (A word here--my deep undermount sink gives me a back ache when I wash pots and pans, the bending over and reaching down is not good but I love the look)
  • Contrasting countertops
  • Marble on the island (this is bianco Venatino)
  • Urn and wire basket
  • Contrasting hardware finish
  • Clasps on upper cabinets--vintage look all the way
  • Brackets under the cabinets
  • Beaded board back splash
  • Wide board floors in a dark stain
  • Sub-zero
  • Wine cooler
  • There's a Wolf range not pictured
I think one thing I love about this kitchen style is it's timelessness. Scullery kitchens like this have been around a very long time. We see butler's pantries in this style all the time in vintage bungalows. 

What do you think?


Sunday, November 6, 2011

Laundry Room Lust

laundryroom 2 032

It's Sunday and I have Laundry Room Lust.
What a terrible affliction for a Sunday.


Sometimes I come upon things in the most convoluted way.  As I was checking out a new follower--yes ladies and gents, I like to know who's out there reading my ramblings--I took a peek at her blog list and found {show & tell}and there was this tab called "favorite projects" that I had to check out.

Does blogland cause ADD or does it just feed the monster?

Here's the link CLICK HERE.


Anyway, this laundry room is just marvelous. I guess I mean the washer/dryer stand is marvelous.
The laundry room is pretty ordinary. This one does have a great sink with storage.


But over all it isn't palatial--it doesn't have a bank of windows, or a door to the garden.
It's a normal laundry room in a real person's house.


It's just organized and pretty.
And it has an awesome washer/dryer pedestal with storage.


To my utter delight--There are plans for building the washer/dryer pedestals!!!
Sausha’s Washer/Dryer Pedestals
I showed this to Steve and he didn't go into shock or growl or make any negative gestures. 
This could happen!!

Something's gotta give--don't you think?

Our laundry room



Thursday, November 3, 2011

Pretty Old Marietta Cottage

Today I came across this great 100 year old Folk Victorian cottage in Marietta, Georgia. (There are lots of old houses in Marietta) that is featured on Better Homes and Gardens online.

I think this house might have had some Victorian bric-a-brac across the front at the top of the columns. It's a dead ringer for the style according to A Field Guide to American Houses--in case you aren't familiar with the book, it's a wonderful resource for Pretty Old Houses.

Front of house painted yellow and white

It has a center hall with really high ceilings. I'm not sure what's going on with the attic ladder, do you think it's down all the time?

Entryway with chandeliers

Don't the old floors look wonderful?

Inside front door, picture hanging on wall

Living room furniture

I love the young fresh decorating.

Accessories set against dark-colored walls

Note the burlap drapes. Maybe Ballard?

Dining room with fireplace

This is my favorite pict from the article. The old looking glass cabinets are incredible. According to the article they were just made to look old.
The sink was reused from the old kitchen.

Kitchen Countertop and cabinets

Cabinet detail of glass doors

Kitchen shelves with colorful dishes

Kitchen shelf detail

I'd never think to arrange hooks like this. It's good.

Claw-foot tub in bathroom

This might be a little too primitive for me.

Bathroom cabinets, sink with mirror

It seems all the fireplaces are old brick. Were there mantles?

Master bedroom with fireplace

What can I say about this? Okay, you know me, I can always think of something to say.
They need to paint the ceiling--Haunt Blue of course.

Front porch with swing

Hope you enjoyed this little tour. For the complete article go to BHG.