Sunday, November 6, 2011

Laundry Room Lust

laundryroom 2 032

It's Sunday and I have Laundry Room Lust.
What a terrible affliction for a Sunday.


Sometimes I come upon things in the most convoluted way.  As I was checking out a new follower--yes ladies and gents, I like to know who's out there reading my ramblings--I took a peek at her blog list and found {show & tell}and there was this tab called "favorite projects" that I had to check out.

Does blogland cause ADD or does it just feed the monster?

Here's the link CLICK HERE.


Anyway, this laundry room is just marvelous. I guess I mean the washer/dryer stand is marvelous.
The laundry room is pretty ordinary. This one does have a great sink with storage.


But over all it isn't palatial--it doesn't have a bank of windows, or a door to the garden.
It's a normal laundry room in a real person's house.


It's just organized and pretty.
And it has an awesome washer/dryer pedestal with storage.


To my utter delight--There are plans for building the washer/dryer pedestals!!!
Sausha’s Washer/Dryer Pedestals
I showed this to Steve and he didn't go into shock or growl or make any negative gestures. 
This could happen!!

Something's gotta give--don't you think?

Our laundry room