Wednesday, October 26, 2011

New Old Crystal Chandelier in the Bathroom

Well, I bought that Craigslist Crystal Chandelier.
And I got so excited when I learned it was really old that I paid what the gal was asking. I'm so ashamed (not really since I thought it was a pretty good price for what I was getting)

Here's the ad from Craigslist.

image 0
After driving around a little longer than I should have looking for the house I got there and was lead upstairs to the bedroom. The lady flipped the switch and viola -- the thing worked (this was a very positive sign in my book). 

The only problem was, the darn thing was still hanging from the ceiling.  So, she proceeded to get her handy dandy step ladder and screw driver and started taking it down.
In the meantime I grew a little concerned since it's a pretty heavy chandelier so I hopped up on the ottoman and held it up while she took it down. Now, I'm not in bad shape but holding this thing over my head got old fast.  It came down with no problem and I carried it out to the car and put it in the trunk.
That's when I noticed one light hanging at an odd angle.  When I put it in the trunk,and arranged the padding around it I must have bumped one of the arms and cracked it.

I almost cried.

Well, what could I do?

I wasn't about to leave it so I got in the car and brought it home thinking the whole way about what kind of glue to use to put it back together. Worse case I figured I could take it to a repair place and have them re-attach it.


Turns out, I didn't really break it. It had been "repaired" before. This was an old break and the glue had just come loose.  I was relieved that I didn't break it, but a little pissed that the gal didn't admit it was already broken.  Hmmm.
 The thing was just absolutely filthy. I took it apart and washed each piece in ammonia water.

It just sparkled!  I was so excited.

A little dab of silicone held the broken arm and we were back in business.
The main wire was a bit scary so that was replaced along with a few other rusty pieces.

Some of the old wire that holds the crystals was beyond salvation. So, that meant a trip to Home Depot for a whole huge roll of wire. 
Let me know if any of you need wire- I've got a life time supply. 

The chandy stayed on the kitchen island over the weekend with it's guts hanging out in front of everybody until  I finally finished putting it back together. NOTE TO SELF--take pictures before you take something apart.

Now it's at home hanging in my bathroom.

Please ignore the sheet over the window. I haven't decided for sure what to do here--I'm leaning toward plantation shutters.

I love it!!  It's just the right size and it really shines.
(I'm leaving the tape on the broken arm a nice long time, just in case.)

What d' ya think?
Any suggestions on really good glue for glass?


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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Perfect In-town Garden

Looking through Traditional Home online I came across this garden and thought it would be the perfect thing for a small in-town lot.  In fact, I'm pretty sure it's on a small in-town lot and I think it's in Washington state. (A little cyber sleuthing goes a long way)


Next the PERGOLA covered dining area.

Last the sunken seating area with GRAVEL flooring.

Here are some more picts from David Pfeiffer's, the garden designer, website.

Madrona Residence

Madrona Residence

Madrona Residence

Madrona Residence

Do be sure to check out David Pfeiffer's other gardens.


Saturday, October 22, 2011

Sarah's Tex-Mex Chicken Soup

Thursday is tennis day here in Atlanta.
A thousand of women hit the courts at 9:30 am and play their hearts out.
Along with the sometimes friendly competition is always great company and pretty darn good food.
I thought I'd share a recipe from one of the gals on my team. As you can tell from the photo, this wasn't staged--it was right off the cuff (pun intended).

Sarah's Tex-Mex Chicken Soup
email from Sarah, 
"Here's the soup I made yesterday.  Hope it's not too hard to make!  Just make it in a very large pot or very large crockpot then serve it to a big group of people."
Tex-Mex Chicken Soup
3 cans (15oz) corn, undrained
3 cans pinto beans, undrained
3 cans black beans, undrained
1 can chicken stock
1 (28-32oz) can crushed tomato
1 can Rotel with Chilies
2 envelopes Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing
2 envelopes taco seasoning
6 chicken breasts or 1 rotisserie chicken
1 onion, chopped (optional)
Open all cans and pour into pot.  Add dry ingredients and onion.  Add chicken.  Serve with sour cream, salsa, shredded cheese and tortilla chips. 

 This is my kind of recipe--cans and envelopes and a crockpot.  Enjoy!


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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Bathroom Chandeliers

Wow! How's that for a sexy post title?
Hey, I tell it like it is and that's what's on my mind.
This is the chandelier I bought about two years ago for the master bathroom.

 If you follow this humble record of our adventures in renovation you'll remember last weekend Steve installed the vanity lights in the master bath(read about that here) and we decided to put the chandelier intended for the master bath in the bedroom.

So now we have the quandary of what to put in the bathroom.

Here are some ideas.

Pinned Image

Well really these first few are similar crystal chandies that all look pretty much the same.

Pinned Image

And they're in the bedroom, but you get the idea.

dramatic old bar mirror headboard

Here's another idea that would be nice. I do love these babies.

Pinned Image

This one is similar to the one we have but hung in the bedroom.

source: FMLS

Now we're getting there. Crystal over the tub.
What do you think of these plantation shutters? I'm thinking that would be the best for the window over the tub, sorry for the ADD attack.

source Chris Holt

The building inspector would have a seizure if he saw a fixture like this over the tub. It could fall while you're in the bath. Totally against code!
source Remodeling Center email.

I like this one. I like the French doors opening into the bathroom, too, and the plantation shutters.

source SS Moving Up

Here's what I found on Craigslist for $175.
What do you think?

image 0
source Craigslist

Maybe I can talk them down.



Sunday, October 9, 2011

Master Bathroom Update

I've been kinda quite on the remodeling news lately, but that doesn't mean things have been at a standstill.
Finally we're working on the upstairs including the master bathroom.

It's not ready for the big reveal, but how about a work in progress update?
This weekend Steve has been hanging mirrors and installing the sconces above the vanities.

Here's a little advice:
  When you remodel--take pictures of everything.  Even small insignificant things...

Things you think might not be all that important could turn out to be VERY important.
Take this pict for instance. It's just framing and a huge opening for the window over the tub.

Wrong--it's a record of where those darn electricians hid the wires for the vanity lights.
After increasing the size about 10 times the original, we could just make out the wires on the right side snaking around inside the framed wall.
I knew they were in there somewhere.
It only took about half an hour with a clothes hanger bent into a hook to find them and fish them out.

Of course all the pictures in the world won't prevent this:

Every single solitary sconce is going to have to be hung in front of a pipe or a stud. Thankfully they have an app thingy for that.

Here's my project for the day: caulking and painting the window sill. This momma had to be "modified" because the toilet tank bumped into it.  Short explanation; the toilet wouldn't fit so the carpenter had to take the sill out and cut it down then re-install it.  Cha-Ching!

Oh the pleasures of remodeling.

But we're almost there.  Just another week or two.
Stay with me folks.


Friday, October 7, 2011

Guest Blogger--Our Urban Bungalow

A few of you have asked when I was going to do another house.
Right now, I'm up to my ears in finishing the one we have, but Holly has taken on a new project.
I think I'll just live vicariously through her for a while.
You can visit Holly over at Our Urban Bungalow for updates.

This is one Pretty Old House!

We Did it Again!
 That's right we bought another dump! I'm pretty excited about it too.
 It's another 1920's bungalow, with great bungalow features. Like the front porch - it's granite with neat trim details around the ceiling.

And the front door with beveled glass.

And the shelving that flanks the brick fireplace.

Some of the house isn't too bad as it is.
The original windows are mostly intact and the brass dining room chandelier is going to be great with a couple coats of spray paint (I'm considering something bright and bold - like green - I may be too chicken though).
The butler's pantry is also in pretty good shape, with the original glass and hardware.
Imagine the hardware stripped and the back painted a robin's egg blue, with silver and white dishes in front.  It makes me giddy to just think about it.
It's a good thing too, because that giddiness distracts me from this kitchen.
There are few redeeming qualities about this space - it will be gutted.
Oh, the back door is neat though.
I think it may become the bathroom door - with a frosted glass window.  I really want French doors back here to look into the yard:
It has 3 pretty standard bedrooms and this one bathroom:
... which has some salvageable pieces: the built-in medicine cabinet and the cast-iron bathtub are in great shape.  And the floor tile has a neat pattern.  It does still need a sink, toilet and wall tile though.
So that's pretty much it.  I'm so excited to chronicle this project as we go so stay tuned...

I'm excited, too--you know how I love bungalows with real granite front porches and how I relish the smell of fresh paint and elbow grease. While this one will involve an addition and lots of interior updates, it won't be even half as hard as the last one she did.  Take a look at her previous "project" here.
Like Holly said, "Stay tuned..."


Thursday, October 6, 2011

Bathrooms--Before and After

I love a good "Before and After" and these bathrooms from Better Homes and Gardens are super.
Lately I've been showing 1960s Brick Ranches to a client and we've seen some of these bathrooms and they hurt our eyes--it's nice to see the possibilities.
Now, one disclaimer--BHG claims these are "weekend" projects. Two days?  That might be a little ambitious for me.

Done-in-a-Weekend Bathroom Refreshes

The smallest room in the house shouldn't fall short on style. Take your bathroom from outdated to up-to-date in just two days with these makeover ideas.
Before small bath pink shower curtain

Before: Overtiled Bathroom
    The hundreds of nondescript tiles on the floor and halfway up the walls in this bath were a drawback until their sandy color inspired a fresh, beachy scheme. A few simple updates and well-chosen accessories will transform this bathroom in just two days.

 Claw-Foot Tub 
(nice use of the coat rack when there's no place to put a towel bar)
After: Beachy Bathroom Oasis
    The first step in the bathroom's transformation was painting the walls a watery blue. Next, serenefabric choices, such as the cream-color cotton window shade and striped shower curtains, tie together the colors of the tiles and walls. A wooden coatrack adds storage by providing a handy spot to hang towels and robes. These elements work together to highlight the original claw-foot bathtub.

 Before dark oak vanity
(yuck, yuck, yuck--at least this one's clean)
Before: Dark and Dated Vanity
    The oak vanity provides lots of storage opportunities, but the wood darkens thebathroom. Old Hollywood-style strip light fixtures, a tile countertop, and a flat mirror date the bathroom.

 White Vanity

After: Bright White Vanity
    Updated to coordinate with the tub and toilet, the old oak vanity now looks more like a sophisticateddresser thanks to a few coats of white paint. A new countertop, sink, faucet, and hardware add to the makeover. Above the vanity are a pair of brushed nickel sconces and a medicine cabinet. On the wall, beach scenes bring together all the colors in the bathroom.

 White vanity with door details

After: Vanity with Flair
    The oak vanity was given a new look with white paint, new hardware, bun feet, and decorativecabinet doors. The original center doors were replaced with a set made from mesh cane webbing -- the kind typically used for chair seats -- inserted into premade door frames and backed byplywood. Simply adding two knobs to the previously bare center cabinet panel reinforces thefurniture look.

 Nickel medicine cabinet on blue wall

After: Modern Fixtures
    There can never be too much storage in abathroom. A 4-inch-deep medicine cabinet replaced the flat mirror. With a brushed nickel frame and mirrored inside, the medicine cabinet adds a touch of glamour as well as storage to the bathroom. A sleek and simple high-arc faucet with lever handles adds a modern touch.

Woven stool with blue towels

 After: Versatile Accents
    A wooden stool with a woven top serves many functions in this bathroom. It adds texture and plays off the room's beach-theme. It also offers a spot to place towels for easy access from thebathtub and a place to sit. In a small space, it's important to choose versatile pieces.

Before 1929 bathroom
Before: Vintage Style
    The homeowners wanted to give this 1929bathroom a modern update without losing its vintage charm. New vintage-inspired fixtures, lighter walls, and bright accents will give this bathroom the quick update it needs.

Pink and green bathroom with toile wallpaper

After: Pink and Green Style
    The pedestal sink, floor and wall tile, and bathtub were all keepers in this 1929 bathroom. The homeowners incorporated modern function with a wall-mount shower and a new faucet reminiscent of the original with cross-handle fixtures. New tile installed behind the faucet nearly matches the old pieces, and pink-and-white wallpaper complements the tones of the existing mosaic floor. Changing the window blinds to shutters and replacing an old light fixture and wall mirror with a new pair in satin nickel add impact with minimal effort. A petite green Windsor chair and a colorful bath mat and towels complete the look.

 Detail of pink and white toile wallpaper

After: Pattern Control
    Floor-to-ceiling toile might have been too much in this compact space, but covering just half the walls provides a pleasing counterpoint to the white tile wainscoting. There are no worries about swelling and peeling wallpaper in a bathroom that doesn't get steamy from showers.

 Before green tile bathroom

Before: Green
    Dated green tile and a mini print wallpaper make this 7x7 1/2-foot bathroom feel closed in. A boxy vanity and wall-mount cabinet above the toilet don't help the cramped space. Updated walls and streamlined fixtures will give this bathroom a modern update.

 After white bathroom with yellow accents

After: Charming Country Bathroom
    This bathroom gets a fresh farmhouse look from, a new pedestal sink, open storage shelves, sunny yellow accents, and solid-surfacing panels that resemble beaded-board wainscoting. The new pedestal sink with a wide rim opens up floor space, while a vintage-style recessed medicine cabinet provides storage.

Curved shower rod with yellow curtain

 After: Clever Fabric Uses
    Multiple shower curtains hung on a curved rod protect the wall and window behind the bathtub and shower area. White subway tile picks up in the shower stall where the beaded board look-alike ends. Repurposed fabric softens the space. The shower curtains are actually window panels outfitted with grommets. The cafe curtains were fashioned using tea towels, a curtain rod, and clip rings. With no room for a traditional towel bar, a double hook with glass finials stands in next to the shower.

Yellow chandelier

After: Colorful HuesA home center chandelier, originally in an aged silver finish, received several coats of yellow paint. Sky blue paint covers the ceiling, an unexpected touch, and complements the bath's sunny accents.

Metal pot with toiletries
(Raise your hand if you know what these "pots" were really used for.)
After: Savvy StorageMetal pots and bowls hold toiletries. These cleverstorage solutions add country charm to thebathroom.
So, what do you think of the "before and afters?"  
I picked up a few good ideas and a lot of encouragement.