Wednesday, October 26, 2011

New Old Crystal Chandelier in the Bathroom

Well, I bought that Craigslist Crystal Chandelier.
And I got so excited when I learned it was really old that I paid what the gal was asking. I'm so ashamed (not really since I thought it was a pretty good price for what I was getting)

Here's the ad from Craigslist.

image 0
After driving around a little longer than I should have looking for the house I got there and was lead upstairs to the bedroom. The lady flipped the switch and viola -- the thing worked (this was a very positive sign in my book). 

The only problem was, the darn thing was still hanging from the ceiling.  So, she proceeded to get her handy dandy step ladder and screw driver and started taking it down.
In the meantime I grew a little concerned since it's a pretty heavy chandelier so I hopped up on the ottoman and held it up while she took it down. Now, I'm not in bad shape but holding this thing over my head got old fast.  It came down with no problem and I carried it out to the car and put it in the trunk.
That's when I noticed one light hanging at an odd angle.  When I put it in the trunk,and arranged the padding around it I must have bumped one of the arms and cracked it.

I almost cried.

Well, what could I do?

I wasn't about to leave it so I got in the car and brought it home thinking the whole way about what kind of glue to use to put it back together. Worse case I figured I could take it to a repair place and have them re-attach it.


Turns out, I didn't really break it. It had been "repaired" before. This was an old break and the glue had just come loose.  I was relieved that I didn't break it, but a little pissed that the gal didn't admit it was already broken.  Hmmm.
 The thing was just absolutely filthy. I took it apart and washed each piece in ammonia water.

It just sparkled!  I was so excited.

A little dab of silicone held the broken arm and we were back in business.
The main wire was a bit scary so that was replaced along with a few other rusty pieces.

Some of the old wire that holds the crystals was beyond salvation. So, that meant a trip to Home Depot for a whole huge roll of wire. 
Let me know if any of you need wire- I've got a life time supply. 

The chandy stayed on the kitchen island over the weekend with it's guts hanging out in front of everybody until  I finally finished putting it back together. NOTE TO SELF--take pictures before you take something apart.

Now it's at home hanging in my bathroom.

Please ignore the sheet over the window. I haven't decided for sure what to do here--I'm leaning toward plantation shutters.

I love it!!  It's just the right size and it really shines.
(I'm leaving the tape on the broken arm a nice long time, just in case.)

What d' ya think?
Any suggestions on really good glue for glass?


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