Sunday, October 9, 2011

Master Bathroom Update

I've been kinda quite on the remodeling news lately, but that doesn't mean things have been at a standstill.
Finally we're working on the upstairs including the master bathroom.

It's not ready for the big reveal, but how about a work in progress update?
This weekend Steve has been hanging mirrors and installing the sconces above the vanities.

Here's a little advice:
  When you remodel--take pictures of everything.  Even small insignificant things...

Things you think might not be all that important could turn out to be VERY important.
Take this pict for instance. It's just framing and a huge opening for the window over the tub.

Wrong--it's a record of where those darn electricians hid the wires for the vanity lights.
After increasing the size about 10 times the original, we could just make out the wires on the right side snaking around inside the framed wall.
I knew they were in there somewhere.
It only took about half an hour with a clothes hanger bent into a hook to find them and fish them out.

Of course all the pictures in the world won't prevent this:

Every single solitary sconce is going to have to be hung in front of a pipe or a stud. Thankfully they have an app thingy for that.

Here's my project for the day: caulking and painting the window sill. This momma had to be "modified" because the toilet tank bumped into it.  Short explanation; the toilet wouldn't fit so the carpenter had to take the sill out and cut it down then re-install it.  Cha-Ching!

Oh the pleasures of remodeling.

But we're almost there.  Just another week or two.
Stay with me folks.