Sunday, October 16, 2011

Bathroom Chandeliers

Wow! How's that for a sexy post title?
Hey, I tell it like it is and that's what's on my mind.
This is the chandelier I bought about two years ago for the master bathroom.

 If you follow this humble record of our adventures in renovation you'll remember last weekend Steve installed the vanity lights in the master bath(read about that here) and we decided to put the chandelier intended for the master bath in the bedroom.

So now we have the quandary of what to put in the bathroom.

Here are some ideas.

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Well really these first few are similar crystal chandies that all look pretty much the same.

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And they're in the bedroom, but you get the idea.

dramatic old bar mirror headboard

Here's another idea that would be nice. I do love these babies.

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This one is similar to the one we have but hung in the bedroom.

source: FMLS

Now we're getting there. Crystal over the tub.
What do you think of these plantation shutters? I'm thinking that would be the best for the window over the tub, sorry for the ADD attack.

source Chris Holt

The building inspector would have a seizure if he saw a fixture like this over the tub. It could fall while you're in the bath. Totally against code!
source Remodeling Center email.

I like this one. I like the French doors opening into the bathroom, too, and the plantation shutters.

source SS Moving Up

Here's what I found on Craigslist for $175.
What do you think?

image 0
source Craigslist

Maybe I can talk them down.