Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I think I'd like a Pergola

I've been thinking that the back of our house looks a little like a barn. 

I thought that might happen and even discussed this problem with the architect.  We considered adding a little roof between the first and second floors but didn't.

Now that it's Spring and Hot as Hades, a pergola is starting to seem like a good idea.
In our old house we had a pergola that covered the pool equipment.

A New Dawn Rose grew up over it.  It was gorgeous when it bloomed but it was a bear to prune.
I think a pergola could provide some shade --and maybe a little romance--in addition to adding detail on the house to break up the flat expanse.

Here are a few examples I especially like:

This one is Martha Stewart's-(of course).
The detail on the rafter ends is outstanding (of course). The vine is perfect and the pot of moss or whatever is just the right thing (of course.)

This pergola is in Turkey.
Now this is inspiration!
Can't you just feel the cool breeze and taste something sweet and exotic.

How about this one from OutdoorRooms?
I could string those ridiculously expensive lights from Restoration Hardware and sit out on cool evenings.

The pergola above is featured in an ad in Garden Design Magazine May/June 2011.

Or maybe it could be really classy and I could lounge under it with a mint julip.

This is probably more realistic.

The butterfly bushes are a little too much for me, it's not balanced. All the plants are at the bottom--I won't be too critical--maybe it's new.

This could work, too. 
It wouldn't provide any shade, but is would break up the flatness of the back of the house.
I like the triangular supports that attach to the wall.

I'd have to add a vine.
Maybe not wisteria--it grows crazy fast.
I think this one might be IT.
The details are too good!

Let me know what you think.
Would a bigger pergola that gives some shade be better, or a smaller one that doesn't block the light.
There are pros and cons.