Sunday, April 18, 2010


Not much has changed visually on the house in the past couple of weeks --until yesterday.
The wiring and plumbing has been done and the insulation has been installed.  Those are big items, but don't make for good pictures--unless you're an electrician or plumber.

Finally there are changes you can see.

In the course of ripping off the back of the house and adding on, the brickwork on the house "suffered."
We chose to keep the old bricks and reuse them so the house would look as original as possible.
So brickmasons were brought in to make things right.

This crew took the brick off the house before the back wall was removed.
You might remember them from February.

They cleaned the old bricks and stacked them neatly on the driveway.

Now they're back, filling in the gables upstairs.
I think the left gable looks great. 

From the street I doubt we'll even be able to tell there were repairs.

They filled in the old breakfast room window.
That room is now part of the kitchen and the range will go on this wall.

We thought about painting the bricks--I do like that look.
Now, I'm happy we stuck with the original Tudor style.
The brickmasons still have some other repairs here and there,
but so far so good.