Friday, April 15, 2011


My house sooooo needs a terrace.
Not a patio, but a raised terrace.
This one is very nice don't you think?
It's from a 1920s home on East Lake Drive in Decatur, Georgia.

image from the FMLS
There's a covered area- shown here and an open area that goes around the front of the house.
The decorating on this terrace is really pretty. I love the colorful pillows.  Notice the distressed sideboard on the left side of the picture.

I'm looking for inspiration for floors and steps down from the terrace to the lawn.

The terrace below was on the garden tour last year. It was so good but tooo big.

These steps could work on my house---they're my not so secret inspiration. I like the planting beds on each side of the steps.  The stone is beautiful but might be a little too busy for my taste.  I can go with stone steps and a plainer deck.

The elevated terrace is surrounded by a low stone wall and sports a fantastic fireplace.  I'd love my terrace to look like this.

The terrace below was also on last years garden tour. It has a pergola!  with a swing!!
So shady and lush.  This is more of a patio in my opinion--we need an elevated terrace.

Another garden tour terrace- from 2008 I think.  Here we have a pea gravel terrace with a border to hold the gravel in place. An outdoor kitchen was a real bonus.

It's raised and has nice steps down from the terrace to a pool deck.  The "Garden Tourists" seemed to enjoy the terrace.
Hydrangeass planted in a row make a great hedge.

The seating area and outdoor fireplace were awesome. I sat there ad admired everything for the longest time.
The furniture was perfect.

An alternative to solid stone is scored concrete with stone accents.
Here's a nice example.  I really like this look better--not so busy.  Another graden tour stop.

The concrete isn't smooth--it has a rough finish that mimics stone but the color is calmer.
It could be that I don't like crab orchard stone--its too orange.

Here's one of the nicest terraces I've seen.  Check out the fireplace.  The spa and pool aren't too shabby.
images from the First Multi List

So classy.