Saturday, April 30, 2011

Joan's Pretty Old House--The Inside

Wouldn't it be wonderful to have your Dream House?
Did you ever pretend when you were little, or imagine--maybe last week, that you had your dream house?
That you found your style and really truly made it happen.

Joan did it.

It took a long time...

and a lot of work...

and some sacrifices...
 but she has something we can appreciate. 


 And she shares it with her friends.

It isn't grand or palatial.


Joan knows what she likes.

She told me years ago that when she was young and getting started she picked "country" because it was cheap and she could do it.  I think it was because that's what she loves.

Joan's a very accomplished crafter--no, she's more than that--what she does is art.

She has that eye for detail.

And a ton of creativity.

Joan is an inspiration. 

I'm so lucky.

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