Monday, April 4, 2011

Picket Fences of Key West

While walking around Old Town Key West I started out taking pictures of Pretty Old Houses and somehow got distracted (imagine me distracted) by all the facinating details.  One thing I really liked was the variety of the picket fences.  They're wonderful!

The fence below is a very nice traditional white picket fence.   It comes off so well--it's what we all think of as a "white picket fence."
By the way, this house was being renovated.

This fence is a little fancier.

Here's another with pickets spaced a little farther apart.  Look at the balustrade over the garage roof and on the balcony.
There are so many different patterns--it seemed like every house had a different design.

We called this one the "HooDoo fence."  The design looks a little like space aliens to me.

I was trying to take an artsy picture of the fire hydrant but noticed the fence behind...

This garden gate stood out.  The detail is almost like lace.

Picket fences make great supports for bougainvillea

I love this one. 

You know me--gotta like that pergola.  The fence/gate has wider pickets than most.

love it...

Remember this house from my last post?
What excellent pineapples it has.

 I think I took a dozen pictures of this house.  It has the whole package.

If you're in to Pretty Old Houses you've gotta go to Key West.

and I still haven't talked about the gardens.