Thursday, April 28, 2011

Joan's Pretty Old House--The Garden Tour

Welcome back to Joan's House. 

If you missed the first post about her Porch you can view it here. This post is all about the garden.

I'm starting this tour at the pergola-  you know how I feel about those.  I LOVE PERGOLAS.

Remember what I said a while back about the Seaside Gardens? "Every garden needs a gate."
Well this one has a PERGOLA GATE.  And a picket fence.

It takes a while to see everything is the picture above. How wonderful.

Garden designers tell us to make rooms in our gardens.  Joan did it with such ease.  Here is her brick patio out by the garage.  Its not fancy and it doesn't require too much attention--in other words it's perfect.

The next stop is the pond. I didn't see any koi, but I heard the biggest bullfrog in Ball Ground. Joan said he's a permanent resident.

A cute story about the lily pads.  When she bought them--one pot mind they were expensive--the nice people at the garden center told her how to place them on a brick under the water and be sure the pot stayed upright, blah, blah, blah.  She did just what they said and had two pitiful lily pad leaves for years. Then something happened and the pot tipped over. And viola--the thing started growing and now look.

There's not too much garden art. Just enough.

This is a pecan tree.  I covet this pecan tree. Joan gets bushels of pecans in the fall.

I hope you'll come back later for a tour of the Inside.
I'll show you what's happening on the other side of this kitchen window.