Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Garden Gates of Seaside

"Every garden needs a gate."
I think that might be a famous quote. If not... then I just made it up.

While "Strolling Though Seaside" I was attracted to the garden gates and screens.
In case you aren't familiar with Seaside: its a planned community on the Florida Panhandle between Destin and Panama City. 
People live there year-round, but it's almost too perfect to be real.
It was the setting of "The Truman Show". 

It was especially perfect on the day we visited.  The high was in the upper 70's, it was sunny and crysal clear---and is was February.

Not related to gates and screens are lighting and fences and porches. Pay close attention to the porch railing above. It's almost too much to take in.
Back to the subject at hand: Gates and Screens.
This is a moon gate (above).  The circle at the top represents the moon.
I've read that the shape invites the good spirits and turns away the bad.
Wikipedia says moon gates are inviting entrances.  That's for sure.

This example shows a very nice pergola gate.  I just love those dangling lights.  I've seen them in stores and am dying to get some, but I don't have anything to dangle them from.

This gate is a work of art.
I'm serious, I think an artist created this gate for this home.
It's just wonderful sitting at the end of a long pea gravel and brick driveway.

I love every thing about this gate. It echos the shape of the garage door. It has a vine trailing across it.
And it's made of rusty re-bar so it isn't too impressed with itself.

Because the houses and gardens are very close together in Seaside, screens are a must.
This one is interesting--it combines a nice screen with deck seating--good idea.
I never thought I'd like salmon colored adirondack chairs, but after seeing these--maybe I do.

Here's another fine pergola-screen-garden seat.
It's just there as a focal point at the end of a little garden path.

This trellis screens a parking pad--wouldn't want to see those tacky cars would we?
You know what a fan I am of pergolas--this one has angled tails atop colums finished with simple moulding.

I've saved the best for last. This is my A NUMBER ONE pick as best screen.
It combines the "good luck" moon gate with a pergola. There are colums and a palm tree--I'm a sucker for palm trees.  The color is a perfect soft sagey green.

Oh! Oh!