Monday, August 1, 2011

Billy Reid's Pretty Old Store in Florence, Alabama

Last weekend we visited Florence to see the family and hear some really good music at the W.C. Handy Music Festival.  While we were there we made a point of going to Billy Reid on Court Street--the flagship store??? in Florence, Alabama????

I think so.

For those of us into Pretty Old buildings this was a treat.

One cool and unusual thing about the Handy Festival is there's music in some unexpected places like Billy Reid  and the Italian Restaurant, Rigatoni's, across the street.  They even has someone playing at the icecream parlor.
There's just too much talent in one place, I guess.
Dillon Hodges was playing while we were there. He was really good--kinda bluesy, and folksy.
Go here to listen.

Dillon was playing under this soooo interesting deer head and plate vignette set against the original brick walls.

We listened and shopped. 

The store was just too cool neat groovy  not what I grew up with on Court Street. It's built in an old store on the main street with extra high ceilings covered by tin ceiling tiles. The ceiling light fixtures are all different and all vintage--rewired of course. The pair of old lamps in the pict above match.

The shelves were fascinating. Who would put a horse skull in a clothing store? In the southeast?  
I love loved loved it!! The whole thing--well maybe not the horse skull so much.
Here are some more chairs used as art. (remember Joan's porch?)  This shelf was pretty high and they probably needed something big. (There are professional photos of this store on the website. Much better than mine.)

Speaking of ART. Check out the window;
Fish made of tin cans, scrap metal and odds and ends.

This is my favorite.  Note the cheerleading trophy used as a snout.

Also noteworthy was Electrolux.

Before you go, I have to say--Billy Reid's clothing is nice--very nice. For those of you not so familiar with him: visit his website here. By the way, there's a huge back room where they take photos for the website.

 Not that I would snoop around and ask nosy questions.  I just wish I'd gotten a picture of the dressing rooms.