Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Seaside Porch Inspiration

Recently I spent the morning on a self-guided walking tour of Seaside--what I mean is, I just wandered around and looked at the pretty houses.

And I happened upon the perfect porch.

It's a modern interpretation of a Southern Classic. It's wonderful on this new bungalow.

I took this shot of the ceiling to record the structure. If you're going to copy something you gotta have details.

What do you think of the porch railing design?

Sorry for the poor quality of this shot, but again I'm looking at the details:
Five--yes 5 French doors open on to this beauty.
Three square windows over the doors let in lots of natural light.
Double support columns with a single column above extent to the roof.
A ceiling fan on each end
The house is the color of grayed shingled seaside cottages.
The table and chairs are weathered teak and the swing might be as well. They're very hard to see.

Wouldn't it be heaven if this gem extended off the back of an old bungalow with a pool located about where the picket fence is here?

And leave it to Martha to show us how to decorate it with style.

source Martha Stewart


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