Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Good Life Wednesday--Beachy Stuff

Good Life Wednesday is about doing what makes you happy and being thankful for it.

 I want to thank Sarah as A Beach Cottage in Australia for validating our choice to hang this very weird thing we found on the beach...

on our family room wall.

I felt pretty good about all the other things we'd found on the beach and carted home:

  • the bowl of pebbles from Pebble Beach in California--that was before the days of x-ray luggage checks and increased security when you could fill your suitcase will rocks and drag it to the check-in.
  • the piece of driftwood Steve mounted on a stand.
  • tons and tons of shells that remind us of sand and saltwater

Much as I love it, that drift-board is a little weird.
But it makes us happy.

Good Life Wednesday to ya'


Partying with Sarah at "A Beach Cottage" Good Life Wednesday