Friday, July 1, 2011

Sod Glorious Sod!

We have SOD!!
I'm so excited to have our yard start to take shape.
You might remember it from the beginning--when I started this blog.

This is our house "Before".   Please hum some scary music as you look at the picture below.
Maybe the theme from Psycho.

Here it is "During".   They say it has to get worse before it gets better. They're right.
Note the humungous overflowing mess in the dumpster. Those would be the bushes they took out and trimmed up.
The sledge hammer is for busting out a section of the walk to run the underground drain pipes from the gutters. Maybe now the basement won't be so damp.

Here's the "After".   The theme from Sound of Music might be appropriate here.

The neighbors are very excited about our new yard.

The gal in the house on the right can actually see if there's a car coming when she pulls out of her driveway.
 She's deliriously happy.

The backyard is even more amazing. Here's the "Before".  

The "During".

See the huge pile of mulch--that's what's left of the "Stump".   

And now--drum roll please on your keyboard-- the "After."

 Well, not really totally "After"
We still need to add some lots of plants for screening and landscaping.
But they filled in the HOLE!!! aka: ancient fish pond.

Here's my Puny Little Garden.
I think I'll start referring to it by a more correct moniker:
"Plant ER"

There have been robins in the Curbside Karma birdbath.
And we get a handful of tommy toes for salad just about every night from the wild and crazy tomato plant.

Life is good.  sigh....