Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Master Bath--Progress at Last!

It's been a year since we moved in to our Pretty Old House. My hubby and I have lived in the renovated downstairs--two bedrooms, one full bath (original size) and a half bath.  Really it isn't too bad if you don't mind the small closets-- there's just the two of us.

But FINALLY we're working on the upstairs.  Yippee!! I'll have my own personal sink again.
Don't get me wrong--I'm okay with one sink in the master, but a pedestal sink and no counter space just won't cut it.

So, here's my inspiration:

This bath from Architectural Digest has it all--first, it's symmetrical. It has a free standing tub with big bright windows, then lavatories on opposite walls, a mosaic tile floor, and a "to die for" chandelier.
But, I kind of  want a closed vanity with storage.

This pict shows my floor inspiration. See how there's a border of large tiles around the walls with the mosaic inside. I want to create a "rug" effect with the mosaic.
Don't you just love the light fixture?

Another killer chandy...

Ideas to glean:  chandy, wall color (yeah boy!) drapes at the window (gotta do something--can't have those squirrels and birds seeing in) mosaic tile with border and free standing tub. Bad idea: pedestal sink in the master. Where do you put your contact solution while you're poking yourself in the eye? I mean really!

Here's some mirror and sconce inspiration. I'd like to have a huge mirror with the sconces mounted on it. But, with the layout of our bath I think it'd be hard to pull off--where do you end the mirror? So, we're going with framed mirrors over our vanities and the sconces to the outside.

Here's another good example. These are the sconces we have. I bought them for a song at the BIG WONDERFUL Restoration Hardware Outlet that has since gone out of business. Darn!
I like the vanity top, too, with the undermount sink. But that's one sad orchid.

Now on to the shower:
This one is pretty close to what we're putting in.
There's a knee wall about 40 inches high. A glass surround will go on top.
I DO NOT want  a cave for a shower.
I saw Psycho one time too many and want to be able to see out.
I love the little built in shelf --gotta copy that. A bench would be wonderful, but I'm not sure we have room.
Another good thing this pict shows is how not to have too much marble in the shower.
It's not a mausoleum for crying out loud. Too much marble is hard on the eyes. This one is pretty hard on the eyes as it is--almost too much pattern.

I think this one has just enough marble. We used this idea in the downstairs bath and have been very satisfied.

To pull it all together the pros make "Idea Boards" so I did, too.

This is what I have so far. I ordered the tub this morning. (After watching the plumbers wrangle a regular 350lb tub up the stairs today, I opted for an acrylic number that weighs in at a mere 130lbs.)

Regrettably, I don't have all the sources for the pictures. I started collecting them before I realized that stuff about giving credit to the source.

Stay tuned for more progress. The plumbers are still here plumbing away--it's getting late, I want to wash my hands but the water's off... uggg.