Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Lights are On...

The lights are on but we aren't home--yet.

It's taking a little longer than I thought.
(I think things should be instant and all the contractors should drop what they're doing and work on my house--RIGHT NOW.)

Something we learned during our other renovation adventures:

Put more lights than you think you want in the kitchen.

This kitchen has TEN cans, two pendants and four under counter lights, plus an outlet over the dish cabinet that I can use for uplighting or a lamp.  Possibly Christmas decorating???

Here's the view I'll have from the kitchen to the family room.I plan to move the garbage can and eventually replace the boob light.

I found these pendants in Destin at the Restoration Hardware Clearance Center.
I went back the last time we were there and it had closed. 
That's a major disappointment since the prices were fantastic (70% off some things).

Here's the staircase- finished. 
This pict of the sconce in the landing isn't the best, but that little fixture adds a lot of charm and light.

The range was installed today--yippee!
It fits in the hole--whew! and is level--I think.
It weighs about 300 pounds.
Note the foot prints on the corners where the guy sat down on the floor and pushed it in.

I'll let you know if my cooking improves.

We have a few more odds and ends to finish--the vent over the stove for one-- and then we can call for inspections.
Our furniture was moved in over the weekend  and maybe we can move in at the end of this week.

Stay tuned,