Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Sweet Old Lady in Birmingham

Here it is: Will''s first place--first non-college place that is.

His tudor style "Sweet Old Lady" in Birmingham.

I think he picked well. 
 It's an 1920's era apartment that's been renovated--to a point.

Now, I have to say that this wasn't exactly the easiest place to move into.
It's up a full flight of stairs from the on-street parking and then across the yard and then up another flight to the second floor.
At least the entry hall is welcoming after the climb-really wide and bright; not the norm.

There's an entry foyer into the unit--very unique based on others he looked at.
I really like the arch. There's a phone nook on the left wall-you can almost see it behind the door.

The Old Lady's kitchen is placial for her era.
Black and white ceramic tile, new counter top, newer fridge and it HAS a dishwasher.
The shelve in the back was probably an ironing board but has been turned into a spice rack--super handy for a kitchen with few cabinets.
There's room for a small table and a couple of chairs--maybe ikea later.

I love the architectural details.
  Is this a great way to hide a ceiling beam or what!
The ceilings are high--I think 9 feet plus.

The bathroom is huge (I know I keep saying that, but so many older apartments are teeny tiny) and its been updated with a new toilet, sink and tile.
The floor tile is original--baby blue and white--pretty good.
Check out the painted windows over the tub.  That'll be easy to scrape off.

I couldn't believe how big the rooms are.  His bed looks tiny in here.
This room is so nice with windows on two sides.  Makes a huge difference.
The floors haven't been refinished
--a good thing for someone who wants a dog.

The  Old Lady has two sections with this courtyard connecting them.
The first floor apartments have a courtyard door the second floor units share a balcony with their neighbor.

This Sweet Old Lady will be nice to come home to.