Monday, June 28, 2010

Exterior Paint is Done (almost)

It always seems like we go for a long time and nothing much happens on the house and then suddenly there's a flurry of activity.  That's what happened last week.  The exterior was painted--yippee!! We think the colors came out great.  The trim is Sherwin Williams, "Superior Bronze".  Steve took the color from some of the bricks.  As you can tell in this picture we still need gutters and probably shutters.  There's a "ghost" of the old shutters on the upstairs window.  Shutters might give the house a more finished look, too.

The body of the addition is painted Sherwin Williams "Universal Khaki" which is on the same stick in the paint deck as one of my favs, "Relaxed Khaki".  I learned of these colors at a class I took on home staging.  The instructor said they go great with 1980's hardwood floors--not too yellow, not too gray.  I think they look good inside and outside.

On Saturday, we cleaned up the yard--FINALLY!! We've had the worse case of bad Feng Shui.


Here's the yard now:

We hired some men to move the magnolia tree from the side of the house where it was just trashed. 
 I hope it lives.
They also cleaned out the garage--mostly.  We just about filled up a small dumpster.
I feel so much better, now.

Inside, the trim carpenter has almost finished the trim and re-installing the old doors.
He's putting the original corner cabinets from the old breakfast room in the dining room.
This afternoon he was putting the final touches on--I'll post pictures later.

Check back in a day or two for more progress.