Tuesday, June 1, 2010

New Kitchen Cabinets

The new cabinets came on  Friday and Steve installed them over Memorial Day Weekend.
Here's the staging area.  By the time I thought to take pictures, he'd already put in several cabinets.  At first there were a lot more boxes.

 In case you're wondering: the red thing on the tripod is a laser level that shoots a level beam of light on the wall.  It's a miracle tool for installing cabinets.
If  you look carefully you can see our stainless apron sink under the window.  I'm so worried about scratches that I covered it with a foam sheet. Hopefully, after a year or so I'll feel better and can uncover it. 
This is how it really looks.  It's so cool!
There's a drain rack that goes in the bottom. 
The white thing inside is the styrofoam packing material--ignore it.

The upper cabinets went in next then the island.

Steve designed the island to hold the microwave.  It'll go in the big square opening to the left of the plastic.  (Again, I covered the island with plastic to protect it.) We don't know if we'll like having the microwave below the counter, but we do think it'll look better.  I'll have to get back to you on that design choice.
The empty square bottom cabinet thing on the right of this picture is where the "Beverage Cooler" will go.
It's our compromise.  I finally got Steve to dump the old beer fridge by agreeing on a new snazzy beverage center setup.

On the other side of the island, across from the dishwasher is a bank of drawers.  I'm thinking of storing our plates and bowls there.  Ikea has a rack with dowels that hold the dishes in place in a drawer.  We'll see.

Here it is all cleaned up.

The rep from TopSouth is coming today for the "Pre-template" appointment.  The countertops should be in on the 10th.

We close on our temporary house tomorrow and move out the next two days.  We can't move in to this Morningside house for a couple more weeks--minimum. 
This is where things get interesting.