Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Dove Cote

After only a month...the gable vents arrived. These are triangular shaped vents that go in the gable peaks to vent the attic. The have screen wire mesh on the back to keep out the critters while allowing the hot air to escape.

Only one tiny problem...the one for the back of the house won't fit.  There's a huge triple LVL (builder speak for the mother of all support beams) that ends at the gable.  So how do we vent that part of the attic and what do we put on the outside? 

With a bit of head scratching and mumbling I came up with an idea.  We put a fake DOVE COTE in the gable and add vents to the roof.  No one can see the vents and the dove cote will be easy and will fit.

I found some examples on Google Images.

This is the real deal.

...2-story framed outbuilding, one end of which served the household as a dove-cote, a place for doves to roost that could occasionally provide food for the table.

Originally the internal walls of the dove cote were lined with nesting boxes. These were removed. Each hole had a separate box, probably with a door through which the dove or squab could be removed from its nest.

Here's how modern architects have incorporated the dove cote. 

Of course these are totally decorative and not intended for birds to roost in.
Here's a great house in Buckhead with a small dove cote.
This image is from Things that Inspire.  Check it out.

This is the guest house with a dove cote.

By the way.. I LOVE this house and yard.  It was featured in Southern Living in 2007 and I think it was on the garden tour a few years ago. Maybe I've looked at the pictures in Southern Living so many times I only think I've been here.  This was another inspiration for our old pool.

Here's how our Dovecote came out.

What do you think?