Monday, January 10, 2011

Let it Snow

Last night it snowed here in Atlanta.
I mean it really snowed.  For Atlanta it was monumental.

So we did what just about everybody in Atlanta does when it snows--we skipped work and went outside to play.
In our case we went for a nice looong walk--all the way over to Piedmont Park to see the kids sledding.

It was beautiful.
We were encouraged to see that not everything has changed in the Southern Sledding Arena.  While lots of plastic discs were in use and a few Northern Transplants had real sleds
there were still plenty of hardy souls making do--the lids to Rubbermaid storage boxes were popular and the perennial stand-by
Cardboard--was common.

Here's a sight we don't see often:  Morningside Village in the snow.

Almost everything is closed today.
A couple of cars ventured out and drove through Alon's parking lot while we were walking by, but alas Alon's was dark and deserted.

Now for the "Gladys Kravitz Report"

The workers went at it all weekend to get the roof on before the snow. 
 I rarely see so much activity on Sunday, but these guys really hustled.
And they did it.

I think this one is going to look alright when it's finished--baring some truly terrible paint colors or design choices.
I am curious to see how they finish the roof above the room on the far left.
Popping this top is definately an improvement that probably doubled the living space in the house.

Have fun if you have snow to play in, or enjoy a nice long walk.
I think I might curl up with some homemade hot chocolate and catch up on the latest from blog-land.