Friday, January 28, 2011

Living Room Before and After

The other day I decided to clean the house.  I know that's an outrageous thing to do, but the dust bunnies were taking over. During one of my numerous ADD attacks I became disgusted with the state of our living room. I'd never really put it back together after Christmas and it had become a junk pile.


The shelves were particularily junky and needed to be "done."
And what was up with those chairs.

Notice the dog chew toys.  Buster's the only one who even goes in this living room with it looking like this.

Until I can buy all new living room furniture.

I rolled up the rug--it's the wrong color--I'll think I'll try to sell it--it's a very nice hand tied oriental rug.
Moved the console with marble legs. AND the bookcases. Brought the sofa back in from the family room and here's what I came up with.


I'm not totally finished with the shelves, but I'll keep working on them.

The black rocking chair doesn't go but I love it -- it might have to stay.
The art work is Holly's Christmas present that was recently finished, so it'll be moving on.
I do like the marble legged console so much better on this smaller wall.  The proportions are waay better in my opinion.
Window treatments would be a nice touch in here don't you think?

stay tuned,