Thursday, September 22, 2011

Books in Bookcases--Fancy That!

This month I've been neck deep in finishing our upstairs-- both of those of you who have read my blog for a while know we've been remodeling this house for going on two years.  In fact, we bought it in November of 2009 and started knocking out walls in winter of 2010--it's now September 2011.

We're finally finishing the master bedroom suite and the two upstairs bedrooms and bath.  I'll be so happy to move upstairs and have my own sink--not that I mind sharing, but sharing a pedestal sink is a little too much togetherness for me.

In the course of finishing things I've had to finish unpacking--it's way too easy to just leave things we don't use in boxes. I've gotten used to less stuff so I wonder why I'm unpacking--but I am.

The other day I unpacked two boxes of books--it was kinda fun finding books I haven't seen in a couple of years; the Bill Bryson books, some old decorating books, a set of books from Steve's parents.  I carted them all down to the living room and stowed them away in the bookcases--in a real mess until I get in the mood to "do the book shelves".

So until that spark of inspiration hits, I've been noticing bookcases.
I think I might have stumbled upon another trend.

Books in bookcases!


It's unbelievable.
These pictures are all over.

Who'd have thought with Kindle and the Nook...

...people still love old fashioned books enough to display them in bookcases in the living room.


I love this picture--I'm sorry it came out so blurry and I don't know the source.

It looks like these folks have their paperbacks (gasp!!)out in plain view.

Much as I love my sea shells and sparse shelves, I might have to jump on this trend.