Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Laundry Room Reveal


I got that laundry room RE-DO.  Remember the one I was lusting after (click to see).  It's taken a little while, but here it is.

Ta Da!

It took several days weeks of painting and drying.  We got down to pretty interesting underware what with not having a washer and dryer hooked up, but the sacrifice was worth it.
 I painted the walls Sherwin-Williams "Rainwashed" and the washer/dryer stand Martha Stewart's "Zinc" from Home Depot.

The cabinet is a little Ikea Hack.  Steve took one of our office cabinets apart, cut the pieces down on the table saw then put it back together. This is part of a set of cabinets we've used in our office in three houses--so, yes, Ikea cabinets are sturdy and I love them.
This little gem is the Akrum base cabinet with two Adel doors --painted now--and Ikea's pulls and square legs.  The counter top is  made of plywood with formica veneer from Lowe's or Home Depot (I forgot since it was done years ago.)

Can you believe all this junk went in that cabinet?  I'm still working on an ironing board hanger to put behind the door.  You know that last 5% takes the longest.

I'm particularly happy with the art work.  I originally planned to have a poster sized print made at CVS to frame for the big blank wall, but the cost and hassle factor were major issues.
So I searched around and came up with this:

The digital picture came from iStock Photo.  You can pick from zillions of pictures--I wanted laundry on the line--but not cutesy--an old building in Havana with somebody's wash was just the thing.  Canvas Discount was cheap--later I read the reviews--not so good. Well anyway I think my print was really fine.  Getting the canvas in a skinny box and realizing I had to stretch it myself wasn't exactly what I had in mind--I've never done that before.

But you know me--not easily thwarted. 
And I know my way around a staple gun.

What do you think?