Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Gardens for Connoisseurs: Part II

Touring gardens is really strenuous and Steve and I work up an appetite so we always go someplace we like for lunch--not necessarily snazzy.  This year we went to Panera on Peachtree.  I suggested it so we could sit outside on the shaded patio.   Thought that was in keeping with the garden theme for the day.

After lunch we hit the road and went to our 5th garden.
This one is in Sherwood Forest in Midtown.  The house is a 1950s ranch built on the side of a ravine with a creek.

This garden had extensive water features.

But, the best water feature was the creek at the bottom of the ravine.

The neighbors had built patios next the creek and bridges over it.
I had to really zoom in to get this shot.
Isn't this scene just great!
Gladys Kravitz--eat your  heart out.

The next house and garden look like a typical 1980's traditional.
It has a great open porch and a glassed in sunroom.
The pool was well done with good looking stone walls.

Back in the car and off to Buckhead.

One of the big houses on the tour, this one has a style we call Mo'munee'.
It's huge, ostentatious, and we believe only two people live in it.
I'm sure they're very nice--they grow lovely orchids.

Here's a shot of the greenhouse.

I have to say that sometimes in a garden a little of one thing is nice, but a lot is spectacular.
How about these foxgloves?

The twirling wind mill in the background was great. It's twin was in the bed on the opposite corner.

The pots were nice as well.

The house has many of the design features I'm seeing in magazines and designer blogs.

Don't the beams and hanging lantern have the look?
This is the open porch you can see at the end of the pool.


I'll leave you with this vignette.
Love this style.

Stay tuned for one more MANSION.
It's so grand it gets it's own post.