Sunday, May 9, 2010

I have "Garden Envy"

This is the first time in fifteen years I don't have a yard I can plant flowers in.
We're moving from this house in June and the new/old house isn't ready for flowers.

My name is Patti and I have Garden Envy.

This is my next door neighbor's yard.

It's their FRONT YARD!
Everybody on the street walks by it and it's wonderful.

I took these first two pictures from MY DRIVEWAY.
Venus has her back to my house.
I wonder why.

The gals next door have a real knack for color.
I'm sure the yellow irises next to the gorgeous blue urn are no accident.

I ducked down and sneaked a shot of the front.
I hoped they weren't home.
They terraced the front yard with stone walls which gave more area to garden plus the different elevations really show off the plants.

I wonder how many different plants they have in this "not so big" garden.

Take a look at the mullion pattern in the windows.
I think I'm developing Window Envy.

Maybe they'll let me come over and weed--if they have weeds.
Otherwise I guess I'll peer over my trash heap and lust.