Saturday, June 18, 2011

House Colors: Painted Brick with Dark Trim

Lately on my neighborhood walks, I started noticing light painted houses with dark trim.
It all started with this one.  Remember it from My Sunday Walk?
It has personality.

This one does, too.

 I really like this house.

As you can see, all these house colors are a little different--as they should be--but the color plan is the same: light brick and dark trim.

I got a little carried away and started searching the MLS for examples. 
The photography is better than my phone.  What a surprise.

What about this one?
Nice porch--but that's another topic.

 Check out this evening pict.
The landscape lighting is soooo good.

This house must have been hard to photograph--I think its on a hill-- but this front door is wonderful. (except for the brass kick plate).

And the hits just keep on coming. This one has THREE trim colors. Very nice. I've found that it's hard to choose paint colors to go with yellow brick. The owners of this house did a fine job.

This little gem was renovated by a builder. It seems the brick was painted to help the new parts blend in with the old. Sometimes that's a great solution.  There is no special place in hell for people who paint brick.

Here's one that is really much prettier in "person."  I tried to take a pict of it in the evening, mine was no good.

The trim on the next one is a little light for me, but it shows another take on the plan.

I think I've figured out the attraction:
These house remind me of vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup, or maybe french vanilla and caramel.

Hey, get your paint inspiration from things you like.

You might remember this beauty from the post on terraces--readers loved it.

Remember? No? click here.

I think I need a snack.