Wednesday, June 1, 2011

I Miss My Screened Porch

I miss my screened porch--a lot.  It was the Taj Mahal of Porches to me--with the Cadillac of Porch Swings (which we kept!) I miss the pool, too. But not as much as the porch.

You'd think that the onset of summer is what has me thinking about the porch,
 but that's not really it. You see, we used that porch year round. I spent many a' New Year's Eve out there bundled up in a quilt, listening to the neighborhood kids--ahem, Adults--set off fireworks.    
In fact it can get TOO HOT here in the South to enjoy the porch during the day. Early mornings and nights can be just about perfect.

So, I've started thinking about my next porch. Maybe it won't be in this house, but it'll happen.
Remember this porch from the House With a Beachy Vibe? Now that's inspiration--it's also a walk out which I like. As Tara says it has a Vanishing Threshold.

Having owned two houses with screened porches and being from the South, I feel I'm eminently qualified to point out a few must-haves.

 Screened porches should keep out BUGS: ie-- flies and mosquitoes-

James Crisp sums it up in On the Drawing Board blog
                                       "Owning a screened porch on a buggy summer evening is like 
                                       owning a castle with a moat when the barbarians attack."

You keep them out with screens--duh--but don't forget the floor.  Those little demons can come up between the floor boards. Which is exactly what happened in our first porch. Boy did I wise up. If the porch is build on top of an existing deck you must add a barrier. The porch below has outdoor carpet which works just fine.

Wood floors are my preference. Especially painted wood floors.
This porch from Southern Living has a very interesting floor. I imagine it in a lake or mountain get-away.

Ceiling fans are absolutely necessary.  There are hundreds of ones to choose from. But make sure to get the exterior kind--don't want those blades going all floppy.

source FMLS

A cool ceiling is another Must-Have.
Love the shape of this one.  Beaded board paneling can really jazz up a plain ceiling for the DIYer, too.

Next time, I'm painting the ceiling "Haint Blue" like they do in Key West.

The porch below is getting closer to my ideal.
-painted floor
-ceiling fan
-Haint Blue ceiling

It's just too small.

A porch swing is without doubt a Must-Have.
Can't you just imagine pretending to read but really taking a nap here?

A nice view is icing on the cake.

I'm not sure this porch is screened, but I'll let it go because of the view.

I think I could work with this one.

So, what do ya' think?