Sunday, May 15, 2011

2011 High Museum's Artful Garden Tour

Hello Everybody,

This time of year is Garden Tour Season in Atlanta and I'm almost "toured out"-- Maybe overstimulated is more the correct term.  Yesterday we went on the High Museum's Artful Garden Tour.  This tour is unique in that it features artist and art on display in the gardens.  Both large and intimate gardens are included--often these gardens are designed and maintained by the homeowners. Of course sometimes the homeowner is a garden designer which is even more interesting.

Enough chit chat--let's get started.

The first house is popularily known as "The Flower House." It's on Habersham Road in Buckhead, a somewhat busy street of Mansions.
This is the back of the house.  Why didn't I get a pict of the front?

The White Garden is one of many garden rooms in the two and a half acres.  You got that didn't you? Two and a half acres on Habersham Road in Buckhead.  I still liked it.

This garden has awesome bones. It's a rectangle with the fountain focal point in the center axis. Plantings are a little wild and spill out over their borders.  As I sat on the bench and really looked closely, I realized that the plants are very balanced and rhythmic but their growth habits soften the lines. This was so inspirational for me.

The White Garden would be enough for most of us, but wait, there's more.

Now on to the next stop--well not really, this is a very edited version of the tour. Please let me know if you'd like more photos--I have plenty eye candy to keep the diehards happy.

The next garden is over on Oakdale Road in Druid Hills.  It's small and intimate and a plant lovers dream.
An added plus: The garden comes with a very Pretty Old House.  Check out the tudor details in the gables and the original (I think) metal casement windows.  If you squint you can just make out the handles in the middle of the windows.

This is what I call curb appeal.

The gardener/homeowner does an excellent job of mixing color and texture with this Japanese maple, autumn ferns and delicate ground cover.

How's this for foundation plantings?  Look at the right corner--see the purple plant growing on the brick? That's loropetalum with creeping fig behind it.  A quick word about creeping fig--don't do it. That stuff grows like kudzu and sends out little aerial roots that help it stick to surfaces--it's a bear to get off the windows.  It might look quaint, but steer clear.

On the other side of the stoop...

The "Back Yard" with a pea gravel path...

After touring this garden I was waylaid by an Estate Sale down the street. More on that later.

The last garden in this post is in Ansley Park.  It featured my favorite piece of art.

And the pool wasn't too shabby either.

Behind the pool was a bit of inspiration for my back fence--if I ever get one that is.
A cryptomeria screen is planted along the fence line with a row of Annabelle hydrangeas and autumn ferns in a bed of lirope.  Real simple, real easy, real pretty.

 Well dear readers that's all for today's Artful Garden Tour.