Tuesday, May 10, 2011

2011 Gardens for Connoisseurs Tour

Welcome to the second part of the 2011 Garden for Connoisseurs Tour
hosted by the Atlanta Botanical Garden.

The first garden in this post belongs to Louise Poer, an Atlanta garden designer. This is Louise's home.
Her garden it teeny tiny but jam packed with style. She calls her home The Dog House--not as in UGA dogs, as in --just dogs in general and setters in particular.

Pea gravel paths in this garden are lovely to look at and give that nice little crunch when you walk around--there's a multi-sensory thing going on.

Doesn't this next house reminds you of Glenridge Hall? (see my post on Glenridge Hall here)

A huge house requires huge landscaping.  Where we might plant one hosta, they planted three.

 Umm umm that Pebbletec pool.

Once again the pots on this tour were wonderful--as always.

Here's a nice example of the large sweeps of plantings in the back yard.  The plants themselves are simple and of limited variety, but the design packs a punch.

I learn a lot by just studying the pictures.  Seven autumn ferns--no--thirty seven.

If you're going to plant azeleas in the front yard--do it like this!

Don't forget to stop by later for more gardens or visit my previous post on Ryan Gainey's garden. There's just too much for one or even two posts.