Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Shelves instead of Kitchen Cabinets?

My neighbor across the street is redoing a her house.  I should say the Couple across the street are redoing Their house. He's quite a handy guy and is putting in a lot of sweat equity.

Of course with Pretty Old Houses sometimes the kitchens aren't Pretty, just Old.
Such was the case across the street. It was old and small.  But after the Handy Hubby knocked out a couple of walls it's on it's way to being bigger and Pretty.

They're debating the cabinetry and thinking of using shelves instead of upper cabinets.  I think there's a lot of merit in that.  In preparing this post I searched around online for some inspiring photos and found some inspiring blog posts--so instead of recreating...

Here are some posts and photos I like.

This kitchen seems small but is full of style. The brackets that hold up the shelves are really important--these are quite nice.

I love the color of this shelf from Southern Living. The idea is very applicable for the house across the street. Their kitchen window is too close to the corner cabinet to fit a real cabinet.

View the Southern Living post here.

The next post by "Knight Moves" is about her dream kitchen.  I like how this girl thinks.
View it here.

If you want a few more ideas or just want to see some more pretty kitchens, check out these posts, too.

Hope you enjoyed a little tour of blogland and maybe picked up an idea or two.