Sunday, March 28, 2010

Door Knobs and Faucets and Fixtures--OH MY!

It feels like weeks go by and nothing happens with the Pretty Old House and then suddenly there's a whirlwind of activity.

Last week the plumbers came and installed all new plumbing in two days.
The HVAC contractors put a heat pump in the attic and ran all the ductwork.
And I met the electrician to decide on the placement for the outlets, light fixtures and switches.
It took 3 hours and I was exhausted!  Half the stuff he asked I'd never even thought about--especially the switches.  Do I want a three-way by this door or that one?  Yikes!

The doors and windows were delivered so--you guessed it--we have to pick out door knobs.
Or as they say in the "business" entry sets.
Lowe's has this one from Baldwin.
I like the handle's little hook design and the escutcheon plate.

Luckily I bought almost all the light fixtures at the Restoration Hardware Outlet in Destin back in December.
The prices were just incredible.

Here are a few things I got:

This is the Fluted Column fixture for the foyer but in nickel.  I hope it doesn't hang down too far. We measured and think it'll be okay, but you never know.

I picked a pair of Campaign Sconces for the Hall Bath. I think they fit with the period of the house
--late 1930s. 
I'd like to find a faucet for the sink with handles that have a twist.
This one from American Standard is pretty close to what I have in mind.

Last but far from Least is the lighting for the Master Bath.

I want to hang a Reese Chandelier in the middle of the bathroom.
It'll make a statement for sure since the room isn't all that big.

These single Wiltshire Sconces will flank the mirrors.

Bling, Bling.

Stay tuned,