Saturday, March 20, 2010

Friday Night is Date Night

Friday night is date night--always has been--always will be.  We've tried to switch to Saturday night but it just doesn't work.

One of the things people say about Atlanta is that the "good" restaurants are In Town.  I agree to a point.  There are some really great places in the suburbs but there are more of them In Town.  There seems to be more small chef owned places In Town and fewer big chain restaurants. Lots of these small places are located in Pretty Old Buildings-- just adds to the ambiance.

Last night we wanted good and cheap, sudo-tex mex, so we headed out to Taqueria del Sol in Decatur.
They have wonderful fish tacos and then there's the Carnita that goes great with of all things their turnip greens--the best I've ever had.

We saw the line before we even got close.  The weather in Atlanta has turned from a dreary 50 degrees to sunny and warm with the highs in the mid 70s--so you guessed it-- EVERYBODY was out and about.

The wait looked painful so we decided to go for oyster po'boys and drove over to that restaurant only to find it had closed.  We weren't too surprised since the last time we were there the crowd was a bit thin.

By this time we were "put out" so just parked and went into the restaurant across the street. 
I've heard that Decatur has more restaurants per capita than anywhere and I believe it.

This place is called Feast. It has a few tables outside and a huge covered patio in the back in addition to a very nice dining room.  The host met us and asked if we had reservations--um, no, but could we have a table outside.
Amazingly he seated us out front.

I immediately went into pretending I was in some quaint little cafe in Europe.  The temperature was perfect the sun was setting the other patrons around us were well into their second glass of wine so there was a nice buzz of conversation.

We'd been to Feast before--with reservations and dressed a little better--so we knew what to expect.
It's great.

First off: they serve water from old wine bottles which they leave on the table and replace often--this is one of my favorite little details.  I've thought about doing that the next time we have an dinner party.

Next: We could make a meal off the appetizers and probably should.  Steve ordered the special: clams with fennel and onions-umm

My salad was the spinach with brie baked in phylo and apples with a whiskey vinegarette.

I should have stopped there, but not me.

My oven roasted shrimp with risotto was fabulous.
Steve had a small plate of trout and a greek salad--so good.

Finally: I believe sometimes you should "Just Say NO" to dessert and I did, but I might not next time.

After a couple of hours we were stuffed and totally pleased we'd found our way there.
Check out the links to Taqueria and Feast and take a look at their menus.

Your's Truly, Fat'n Happy