Monday, March 8, 2010

The Walls Came Down and the Walls Went Up

Welcome Back.

Stuff is really happening in Morningside. The house doesn't look all that different from the street--except for the roof extension.  When its done it'll blend in and you'll hardly realize it was raised.

But when you walk around back...

This was scary.  It was like a bomb went off or maybe an earthquake.

Everything happened so fast...

But what they were doing really opened up the house.
Here's the view from the foyer.

This is the living room.

The mess was Piled High and Deep.  It would take weeks to clean it up.

More carnage...

But then the walls went up.

Ever wonder how they got all that lumber up there?
Now you know.

The Master Bedroom was starting to take shape.

The old stairwell is still there--temporarily.
That's the doorbell you see down there hanging kinda cock-eyed.

Isn't the view out the master window going to be something!

We've got to get rid of that awful tree.
It was struck by lightening a few years ago but didn't totally die.  Now it has one crazy arm limb that sticks out at an odd angle.

Most old houses have uninvited guests.  Here's just one "critter condo" we discovered.

Steve and I have really learned a lot during this process.
Framers don't do plumbing.

I hope I haven't overwelmed everybody with this post. 
Somebody complained that I was way behind, so I've tried to catch up.

Check back from time to time to see the progress.