Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Pretty Old Houses have Character

People say they like Old Houses or In Town Neighborhoods because they have character.
What exactly is this thing called character?

 Most of us would agree that this house built about 1915 in Virginia Highland has character. It sits above the street and has an incredible front porch complete with wicker furniture and a porch swing.  The porch railing looks original. Its beefy and has nice details.  Sometimes what gives character is the little thing that's just not quite right.  See the big front door that's just a little bit off center. I think that detail makes this house look different from all the rest and so gives it character.

Character isn't always some endearing bit of quirkiness.  More often its some other unique or beautiful detail.  This house has a wonderful porch with really interesting support beams.

I don't know if these are original to the house or not and I don't think it matters.  This is a really interesting detail that I haven't noticed on other houses.  Also, the window in the gable is pretty unique.
This house has character.

This "drive by shooting" shows a house with a lot of character.
The porte-cochere is very unique.  I imagine this house has been renovated and the gable on the left added.
I took the picture for the paint colors not the Herbie-Curbie.

Snow doesn't officially give character, but it doesn't hurt.
This house is really Pretty and classic.  It has shingle siding like something in Cape Cod and the nicest double gable over the front door.  The brackets that hold up the cover are a good touch.  Also, notice the windows. They have 6 panes in the top sash and one pane below.  This is a fairly common pattern in Old Houses but not in new ones. I really admire the craftsman front door. Doors like this are sold at Home Depot and Lowe's--might be a good way to add character to an existing track home in the surburbs.

I could go on for hours about the character in Pretty Old Houses but it's time to stop.
Take care and let me hear from you.