Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Progress We Can See and Feel

Our house is starting to feel more like a real house and less like a war zone.
They have some outside walls up and the decking for the roof.

The upstairs windows are still covered.  I guess they haven't cut out the window openings.
Notice, we still are using the "onsite built" laddar.  It's not too scary up close.  Really.

The family room has been opened up to the kitchen.
Its huge--I love it.

Here's Steve working at his "desk" in the kitchen.

With these big rooms, we'll have to have lots of seating.
Not to worry.

Finally, upstairs I can make sense of the rooms.  They've taken down the supporting boards that ran every where and we can walk around.  This is the master bedroom.  The ceiling is a crazy 9 feet 6 inches high.
It feels good.

The contractor used Tech Shield for the roof. Here's what the LP website says:
LP® TechShield® is the original radiant barrier sheathing and the #1 selling brand. Installed in more than one million homes, it has been on the market for more than a decade. This innovative product helps block radiant heat in the roof from entering the attic, keeping the attic cooler, lowering energy costs and making the home more comfortable.

It goes on to say this product can reduce monthly air conditioning bills by up to 17%.
That'd be nice.

Its basically just roof sheathing with a special foil glued on it. The foil acts as a heat barrier. Radiant barrier material can be purchased on the internet for installation by the homeowner in existing houses. You staple it to the roof rafters and it keeps the attic cooler.

Steve's checking out the Jack and Jill bath.  See how the ceiling in here slopes down on the left.
The lavatories, tub and toilet will be on that wall. We think hope the slope will add some character.

There'll be two "kids" bedrooms upstairs. Remember this room with the "critter condo?"  I need to take a broom and clear it out otherwise somebody could hang sheetrock over it.  It happens.
We found Mrs. Winners chicken bones under our bathtub in one house we had.  No wonder we had mice.

Here's the second bedroom. It'll have some whacky angles, but I think it'll be neat.
Well, that's the tour for today everybody. 
The framers have moved on to another job and the roofers are on their way. 
Y'all come back soon.